Welcome to the National Trial League

We are pleased to announce that the champion of the National Trial League is St. Mary’s University!

Based on the overall win/loss record, the top four teams advanced to the playoffs (like a typical sports league). This year, those teams were Chicago Kent (blue conference), St. Mary’s (red conference), Georgia State (red conference), and South Carolina (red conference).

The playoffs consisted of a round-robin semifinal round, with each team competing against one another. After ranking the results from those rounds, Chicago-Kent and St. Mary’s went on to battle for the championship. South Carolina and Georgia state also went on to battle for third place.

At the end of the Final Rounds, St. Mary’s and South Carolina were victorious!

The National Trial league (NTL) is a new trial competition format that will provide multiple chances for students to hone their trial skills in a competitive, fast paced, online setting throughout the academic semester and creates opportunities for schools to compete outside the traditional weekend tournament structure. NTL featured 12 trial teams competing against each other in a season format that resembles a traditional sports league with 2 conferences made up of 6 teams each.

The regular season started on Aug. 31, 2021 and carried on until November 9, 2021. Throughout the three months of competition, teams competed in 7 different rounds with 6 different fact patterns.